9 GIFTS MINISTRIES, INC. - "Got Gifts?"       I Corinthians  12:1-11

"discerning of spirits"

A Revelation Gift

Discerning of spirits is the supernatural ability given by the Holy Spirit to perceive the  source of a spiritual manifestation and determine whether it is of God, (Acts 10:30-35), of the devil (Acts 16:16-18), of man (Acts 8:18-23), or of the world.  It is not mind reading, psychic phenomena, or the ability to criticize and find fault.  

Discerning of spirits must be done by the power of the Holy Spirit; He bears witness with our spirit when something is or is not of God.  The gift of discerning of spirits is the supernatural power to detect the realm of the spirits and their activities.  It implies the power of spiritual insight ~ the supernatural revelation of plans and purposes of the enemy and his forces.  It is a gift which protects and guards your Christian life. 

This gift can show the kind of spirits which are working in people today; such as unclean spirits, deaf and dumb spirits, demonic spirits, oppressing spirits, or even the Holy Spirit. This gift is a requirement for all who are used of God in a deliverance ministry. Without it, those who seek to minister deliverance are simply left guessing at whether or not a demonic spirit is actually present and if so, what type of demonic spirit.  This gift is also a requirement of all those who operate in a prophetic ministry, for without it they would not be able to sit by and judge the prophesies of others as they are called to do in 1 Corinthians 14:29 which says, "Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge."   This gift is given to keep the church safe from demonic presence and practices.