9 GIFTS MINISTRIES, INC. - "Got Gifts?"       I Corinthians  12:1-11

"interpretation of tongues"

A Inspirational Gift

This gift is an inspirational or vocal gift.  A supernatural verbalization and subsequent interpretation of the diverse tongue. 

Interpretation of tongues is a supernatural verbalization and subsequent interpretation to reveal the meaning of a diverse tongue.  This gift operates out of the mind of the Spirit rather than out of the mind of man.

It is important to note that "interpretation" of tongues is not the same thing as"translation" of tongues, for the interpreter never understands the tongue that he or she is interpreting.  Some messages may be long and the interpretation may be short.  This is because the interpretation only gives the meaning.  

The Word of God reads that if you pray in tongues, you should pray that you will also interpret. (Corinthians 14:13) So that the benefit is for you as well as for others. 

The gift of interpretation of tongues is the second of three inspirational or vocal gifts of the Holy Spirit.  When combined with the inspirational gift of diverse tongues, the miraculous and supernatural phenomenon known as prophecy results.